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Cover Bands Bring The Party!

We are not ashamed to be a covers band!!

When we say we’re in a band, the first questions is always…”Do you write your own music or only play covers?” but Go Commando are not JUST a covers band!


Of course, most people would love to have the REAL superstars play at their event. Sadly, most of us find that Stevie Wonder, Elton John and the Kings of Leon are just a little bit out of our budget.

That’s why great cover bands like Go Commando exist, we don’t just cover songs because we aren’t talented enough to write music…We take the greatest musical hits of all time and faithfully re-create the sound and atmosphere by being the closest you can get to the real thing!!

As well as providing the incredible authentic music experience every night, we also play many roles in our business;

  • Agent
  • Promoter
  • Marketing
  • Roadies
  • Sound & Light Techs
  • Performers
  • Drivers
  • Customer Service
  • Accountants


Go Commando International Wedding Band

All in all, there is a lot of pressure and responsibility on our shoulders. The events we play are once a year or even once in a lifetime experiences.
It’s up to us to meticulously manage every detail from start to finish. Ultimately, the success of a lot of events is very often in our hands!

Cover bands like us travel hundreds of miles up and down the country every week and although we are based in the Sussex City of Brighton and Hove,
we frequently find ourselves on the outer limits of the UK or even beyond in luxury destinations like our recent wedding at Castello Di Rossino, Lake Como

The sad fact is that a lot of the greatest artists all time have either stop touring or have even gone to the great gig in the sky!
Cover Bands like Go Commando can be your opportunity to relive some of the biggest moments in musical history.

We roll up the entire experience and bring it straight to your door!

Huge respect to all the other fantastic “covers” bands out there

Go Commando // Who else?!