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Stage Specification


Contact us via email for all paperwork: (PLI, Risk Ass, PAT test, Stage Plan)

For non fly-in shows, Go Commando provide our own 6000 watt HK Audio PA and Stage Lighting which will cater for up to 500 persons. Larger events require larger light and sound reinforcement. Let us know if you are expecting more than 500 guests and we can make arrangements for the extra equipment for you.

Client to supply

Stage/ Area with a minimum size of 4m x 3m although the bigger the better! Go Commando are an exciting band that like room to move around and perform

Minimum of 2 x 13amp Power Sockets

If you have any problem with the above requirements please email to discuss alternative options

Vehicle and load in requirement

Parking for a large Van is required for load-in/out as well as whilst we are onstage (although we understand this may be two locations depending on the access needs)

Please make us aware in advance of any stairs, lifts or narrow entrances before the night so we can be prepared with the most suitable equipment for the job


For all non-fly in shows, we provide all of our own sound system (6k) including In-ear monitoring, Backline, Microphones and live mixing via a Behringer X32 (Rack)/ Wireless Tablets on-stage.

Where required, we can also provide a stereo XLR feed for patching into a full in-house system


Go Commando provide our own stage lighting suitable for events of up to 500 guests. Our system is run from DMX and is fully synced to our stage show.
For larger bookings, an engineer and further Rock/Pop style lighting will need to be provided. Please contact us with any questions

Full Production Provided by Client

In the event that the client/ 3rd party is providing all sound equipment and mix engineers, then the following is required;

– Mic’ing for Full Drum Kit – Kick, Snare, Hats, Rack Tom, Floor Tom and Overheads.

–  Guitar and Bass will give DI output XLRS

– Floor Monitors – Stage Left (Guitar), Stage Right (Bass) and Stage Rear (Drums)

– 3 x Wired Vocal Microphones & Boom Stands (Front Left, Front Right and Drums)

Backline (Fly In Shows Only)

– Drum Kit: Pro Quality 4 Piece Kit and Drum Microphones

– Bass Cab: Pro Quality Bass Amp (Markbass or similar)

– Guitar Cab: Pro Quality Guitar Amp (At least 50watts)

– Microphones: 3 Pro Microphones (Shure/ Seinheiser)

– Mixer: 11 XLR Channels minimum & Stereo Phono input (if background music is required), 2 Aux buses and built in reverb

-Speakers: Pro Quality Speakers and Subwoofers suitable for size of venue

If you have any questions about these requirements, please email

For more information check out our FAQ's